Eliyahu loev

Eliyahu Loev, married with three children. After his military service as a colonel in Duchifat he came to Jerusalem and fell in love with the city.

During his undergraduate studies at the Hebrew University he began working in planning and construction.

During his MBA he initiated several projects and issued a certified real estate broker’s certificate.

Since then, Eliyahu has been involved in construction as an entrepreneur and supervisor.

His areas of expertise include supervision of skeletal work, building additions and extensions, adding balconies, demolition and new construction, finishing work, accompanying the process of issuing permits and accompanying tenants.

Eliayhu believes that projects must be implemented from the planning and serving stage to the delivery of the key to the customer.

A successful project is a project that meets the timetables set and does not exceed the budget. Eliayhu has 3 principles that ensure this:

  • Building an orderly work plan and schedule and sticking to it.
  • Choose the best and certified materials
  • Careful attention to details, aesthetics and finishing.

His extensive experience, human relations and exclusive focus on Jerusalem ensure that the project will succeed and meet the requirements of the owners and on time.

The TAMA project begins with the selection of a building supervisor

In recent years, the TAMA 38 trend has also reached us in Jerusalem.

Many buildings interested in promoting the process find themselves delayed for several years for various reasons. Whether due to a tenant objections or lack of professional factor that will drive and promote the project. Therefore, the first and most important step is the appointment of a TAMA 38 supervisor and a lawyer specializing in this field.

Unfortunately, in most cases the tenants attach the construction supervisor too late, thus causing damage to themselves.

The contribution of a building inspector on behalf of the tenants in the planning and negotiation stages of the TAMA 38 project is no less than critical. A construction inspector with experience will improve the process of selecting an entrepreneur. Through an orderly specification requirements and exit to the tender entrepreneurs. The Inspector knews what to demand from the developer and in what cases to alert the tenants that the consideration was inappropriate. A good inspector knew how to demand, the types of materials and the qualities desired.

In addition, the inspector can speed up the signatures of tenants in the building, finding the developer and of course improving and streamlining the process. Of course, throughout the entire project, the supervisor is also responsible for communicating with the tenants. The supervisor is responsible for warning of problematic details, and allowing rapid and continuous progress of the project. In addition, at the end of the work, the supervisor accompanies the residents in the delivery process, verifies that they have received what was promised to them in the agreement, and that the building is safe for living.

In conclusion, the only factor that takes care of tenants throughout the project in all its aspects is the supervisor on their behalf, provided that it is already included in the first steps of the project.

Do you have the desire to promote the TAMA project in your building? I am at your service from the first stage,

And the bonus! It does not cost you a shekel (the payment comes from the entrepreneur after being selected).

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